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The Sesh: A Joint Experience

The Sesh: A Joint Experience

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It’s a Vibe! The Sesh: A Joint Experience  An Adult Activity Book.

Enjoy hours of fun with our 100+ page adult activity book. Come to know some fun facts about the adult use of cannabis for yourself and others.
The Sesh is filled with:
⁃ 20 coloring pages (Different images of individuals enjoying the flower)
⁃ 20 quote pages (Quirky, humorous, and expressive statements)
⁃ 4 puzzles (Word Search, Fill in the blanks, scramble, and crosswords of places, things, nicknames, and the basics)
⁃ 20+ Cannabis review log pages (write down your favorite flower and it’s powers)
⁃ -20+ Journaling pages
⁃ And a Glossary

The Joint Experience will:
⁃ Unlock your creativity
⁃ Free your mind of stress, anxiety, overthinking, overwhelming emotions.
⁃ Boost positivity
⁃ Explore new places
⁃ While increasing awareness of the flower

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