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Sensual Imagination Room Spray- 4 oz

Sensual Imagination Room Spray- 4 oz

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This powerful mist has a unique and wonderful scent and aroma. It will stimulate your senses and give you a sense of calm confidence and self-love, while leaving your hands free to move and move!

This scent invokes a sense of sweet sensuality. It allows your imagination to roam to the Sexiest Corners in your mind. Combined with complementary scent Sophisticated Imagination it gives Sexy Luxurious Bae-cation!!

Experience the ultimate sensuality of the dreamy scent of Sensual Imagination Spray. The light, soft fragrance of Fig Leaf, Bergamot, Vetiver, and Lily-of the-Valley for a subtle, fresh scent that will transport you to a state of pure relaxation. 

The sensation of the day is invigorating and satisfying. This gentle mist will be a great way to refresh your day and make you feel gorgeous all night long! The new 4 oz bottle will fill a room with a dreamy floral aroma. For best results, shake before use.
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