About us

Modern Hippiez LLC. is a black owned lifestyle brand that has handcrafted collections of unique aromatherapy fragrances ranging from floral, clean, oriental, tropical, and citrus. MH collections comes in an array of products such as candles, candle melts, incenses, room/linen sprays, and 3-1 sprays (room spray, body spray, and Hand sanitizer). All collections are soothing, relaxing, and vibrant smells that tap into your memory and emotions to help promote the overall well-being of our customers. Modern Hippiez have also published two activity books Dear Miss Black Girl and The Sesh. Dont forget to click on our Custom Expression tab to learn how we can customize something for you or your loved ones.


Our Customers:

Our customers have an interest in mental health, wellness, and managing their selfcare with their favorite everyday products. The 6 handcrafted scents help eliminate unpleasant smells, cleanse energy, and boost your mental health naturally. Whether, you’re a school teacher, entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, real estate, or mental health provider everyone loves having room sprays, incenses, candles, candle melts, and amazing 3 in 1 sanitizers. Gift someone with our eGift card and let the card speak for you. “We’re a tribe that brings the vibe.”-MH