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3-in-1 LA Coasting Spray- 2 oz

3-in-1 LA Coasting Spray- 2 oz

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Best Seller!! This is the best way to take your home to a whole new level.
Our 2 ounce spray bottle will fill the entire room with the sweet and refreshing scent of lemon, sugar and sandalwood that you've all been waiting for! This new formula can be used in an array of different rooms, on the body, and hand sanitizer. Our 3-in-1 LA Coasting Spray- 2 oz spray makes it easy to keep clean all year long without stripping the air of any freshness or odors, so the time is now!

Refresh your environment, revitalize your personal scent, and santize your hands with this all new formula.

This scent invokes a sense of ease, warmth, and good vibes. 

With notes of: Banana, Sunflower, Musk, & Amber

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