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Hmm Good Candle Melt

Hmm Good Candle Melt

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Candle Melts are designed to be used with a wax melt burner, similar to BUT NOT an oil burner.

This scent is light, crispy, & clean with a sensual twist.  

With notes of: Vetiver Raspberry Grapefruit Violet

You don’t have to go on a shopping spree to find the perfect scent. Our Hmm… Good candle melts with a sweet aroma of vanilla and grapefruit is the perfect way for you to fill your room or make room. It’s so calming, so relaxing and so much more! Use these candle melts to refresh your bedroom, living room, bathroom, and more. The scent of Vetiver is strong enough to make a strong statement while working, but the scent of grape fruit will make you feel like a true grapefruit. You can also use it to calm your mood.

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